Classic | Set-up of Claim Components for Workflow Paths

Classic | Set-up of Claim Components for Workflow Paths


Certain components that have been added on the Company Payroll Component Screen can be configured as a Claim Component. Examples of Claim Components include the reimbursement of kilometres, subsistence and overtime. Claim Components need to be set-up before a workflow path can be created.

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NextGen or Classic

The Classic version is the name given to the previous look and feel of the system. Important to note, both NextGen and Classic point to the same database. No data migration is therefore applicable. 

This article covers Set-up of Claim Components for Workflow Paths for the Classic version of the system.

An Example of the Classic Landing Page

The article that explains the same for the new and improved NextGen version, is coming soon.

An Example of the NextGen Landing Page


This feature is available on Premier and Master.

Navigation:Company Menu>Configuration>Claim Component Settings


Important Comment

Cut-off Date on Company Payslip Pay Dates
When using workflow paths for claims, the user must specify the cut-off date per pay run on the Company Payslip Pay Dates Screen.  Should the employee submit a claim after the cut-off date, the claim will progress through the workflow path and automatically commit to the next run when it opens.

Should you not specify a cut-off date, the employees will be able to submit a claim up to the pay date specified on the Company Payslip Pay Dates Screen.

Navigation:Company Menu>Maintain Pay Calendars and Frequencies>Payslip Pay Dates
Basic Workflow Functionality on Premier
Basic Workflow Functionality that limits the you to a 1 Step Approver-Workflow for a claim item, is available on Premier Payroll Edition.  More levels of authorisation can be accommodated on Master Payroll Edition.

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