Security | Login

Security | Login


All Users, including Administrators, Business Partners, Employees and Managers access the system through the same login path:

Select Login to be directed to a secure Login Page. You will be allocated login details during the initial registration.


This feature is available on all PaySpace editions.

Accessing the System

The Login e-mail address Screen

The Login Password Screen

Important Information

Failed Login Attempts

If five attempts with the incorrect password/e-mail combinations are made in total, the account will be locked. The account will have to be activated by the Company Level User.  Once activated, the user can click on Reset Password.  This will result in the system e-mailing a link to the user to create a new password

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      A user's (employee, company and Business Partner level) profile will be locked, if they attempt five incorrect email address and password combinations on the Login screen. The affected profile's status will have to be changed from "Inactive" to ...
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