NextGen | Third Party Payments

NextGen | Third Party Payments


You can select any component, garnishee or payroll fund to create third party payments for.  This article clarifies how to set-up and export third party payments.

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NextGen or Classic

The Classic version is the name given to the previous look and feel of the system. Important to note, both NextGen and Classic point to the same database. No data migration is therefore applicable. 

This article covers Third Party Payments for the new and improved NextGen version of the system.

An Example of the NextGen Landing Page

An Example of the Classic Landing Page


This feature is available on Lite, Premier and Master.

Third Party Configuration

The third party payment can be set-up on the Third Party Payments Configuration Screen.

The Third Party Payments Screen

Once the note has been saved, the details will display on the History Grid.

The History Grid

Third Party Payments

Once the third party has been created, a bank file can be exported from the Third Party Payments Files Screen, which will be used to process payment to the third party. 

The Third Party Payments File Screen

Once you have retrieved the file, an additional field will appear where a details of payments report will be available to download.

Select the Link to obtain the report.

Netcash Integration
Our payroll software integrates seamlessly with Netcash.  Once set-up, the payment file will immediately upload to Netcash when exported from the payroll.  This offers peace of mind that payment details cannot be edited once the payments have been sent to Netcash.

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