The Tax Profile Screen

The Tax Profile Screen


The Employee Tax Profile Screen stores information relating to the employee’s tax calculation.  A history of tax records will accumulate at the bottom of the Employee Tax Profile Screen, should an employee be terminated and re-instated starting a new tax record. 
The Tax Profile Screen is included in the Add New Employee Workflow.


This feature is available on all PaySpace editions.

Navigate > Employee > Basic Information > Tax Profile

Ensure that the correct employee is selected.

The Location Menu

The Tax Profile Screen

When adding a new employee, this screen needs to be completed and saved to proceed with the workflow.

The Tax Profile Screen

The Nature of Person Fields (Tax Country: South Africa)

The Tax Status Fields (Tax Country: South Africa)

Important Comments

Changing a Tax Status during the Tax Year
There is no restriction on the amount of tax records for one employee per tax year.  Changing a tax status during the tax year, will result in the employee being taxed on year to date earnings based on the new tax status.  Therefore, should an employee’s tax status change, you should terminate and reinstate the employee starting a new tax record.
The History Grid
Once you have processed and submitted the information on the screen, it will display on the History Grid.
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