The Pay Rates Screen

The Pay Rates Screen


The Pay Rates Screen defines the employee’s package details as well as the frequency of payment.  When an increase is applied a history of increase records will accumulate at the bottom of the Pay Rate Details Screen.
The Pay Rates Screen is included in the Add New Employee Workflow.


This feature is available on all PaySpace editions.

Navigate > Employee > Payroll Processing > Pay Rate Details

Ensure that the correct employee is selected.

The Location Menu

The Pay Rates Screen

When adding a new employee, this screen needs to be completed and saved to proceed with the workflow path.

The Pay Rates Screen:

Important Comments

The following fields on the Pay Rates Screen default from Company Level, but can be overwritten:
  1. Pay Package Automatically
  2. Hours per Day
  3. Day per Period
  4. Working Day
The History Grid
Once you have processed and submitted the information on the screen, it will display on the History Grid.