The Leave Setup Screen

The Leave Setup Screen


The Leave Setup Screen displays the leave scheme the employee is linked to.  A history of records will accumulate on the screen, should the employee change between leave schemes.  

The Leave Setup Screen is included in the Add New Employee Workflow.


This feature is available on all PaySpace editions.

Navigate > Employee > Leave > Setup

Ensure that the correct employee is selected.

The Location Menu

The Leave Setup Screen

To link an employee to a leave scheme, click on +Leave Scheme.

When adding an employee, once the employee has been linked to a leave scheme, click on Save to proceed with the workflow.

The Leave Setup Screen:

The Leave Setup Sub Screen:

Important Comments

Not Linking an Employee to a Leave Scheme
Not linking an employee to a leave scheme, will result in the Leave Balances Screen not populating.  If you have not linked an employee and do so after a period, you can use the Leave Adjustments Screen to correct the employee’s leave balance manually.  The system will not adjust the leave balances automatically.  
When adding an employee, you can continue with the workflow without completing the Leave Setup Screen.  Simply click on 7. Banking Details to continue.