Terminating an Employee

Terminating an Employee


When an employee resigns from the company, a termination needs to be captured during the employee’s final pay run.  Terminations are processed on the Tax Profile Screen.


This feature is available on all PaySpace editions.

Navigate> Employee > Basic Information > Tax Profile

Navigate > Employee > On/Off Boarding > Terminate

Ensure that the correct employee is selected.

The Location Menu

Termination Fields

To start the action of terminating an employee, select the option, Terminate Employee on the employees Tax profile screen.

Complete the termination fields and details on the employees Tax Profile Screen and select to update:

The Tax Profile Screen after completing the termination details:

The History Grid will be updated with the termination date.

The Leave Pay was automatically paid upon termination when the encash leave option was selected, the leave will not be automatically encashed if you do not select the encash leave option.

The Payslip Edit Screen:

The employees Leave Balances Screen will reflect zero for Annual Leave.

The Termination Notification will be visible on the Location Menu.

The Location Menu

Generating a Payslip

Although an employee has been terminated, a payslip within the tax year can still be created should payments be due.  Click on + Payslip to generate a payslip record.

The Payslip View Screen

Generating the UI-19 (Tax Country: South Africa)

Once the employee has been terminated, you can export the UI-19 report.  

Navigate > Reports > Reports > Standard Classic > Category Heading: Legislation

The Legislative Category Heading Expanded:

An Example of the UI-19 Report:

The UI-19 is date driven.  You must have processed the employee’s termination.  If not, the report will return nil results.

Reporting Lines

If an employee who has subordinates reporting to them resigns, you will be prompted to change the reporting lines of the subordinates when processing the termination.

The Reporting Line Changes Screen:

For more information on how to use Bulk Actions, please select this link: REPLACE

Important Comments

Terminations Within the Tax Year
Before the tax year end, you should ensure all employees have been correctly terminated, as an employee cannot be terminated in a previous tax year.  An employee can still be terminated one month after leaving.  If more than two months have passed, please contact the Support Centre for assistance.
When searching for a terminated employee, remember to select the Incl. Terminated Box on the Employee Search Screen.

The Employee Search Screen

The New Engagements and Terminations Report
To extract a listing of the new engagements and terminated employees for a chosen period, print the New Engagements and Terminations Report. 

Navigate > Reports > Reports > Standard > Category Heading: HR

An example of the New Engagements and Terminations Report