Report Features

Report Features


This article explores how to schedule a report, identify a favourite report and how to indicate your own favourite reports.


This feature is available on all PaySpace Editions.

Scheduling Reports

Navigate > Reports > Reports

Select a report from any category heading to reach the Report Parameters Screen.

From the Standard Classic Report Menu, select this field on the Report Parameters screen to schedule a report.

Benefit 1
Selecting this option, will save the report parameters in the scheduled report.  Thereafter, the report can be extracted from the Scheduled Reports-Link.

The Standard Classic Reports Screen:

Benefit 2
Scheduled reports will be automatically e-mailed to you on the pay date when the run is closed.  These reports will be zipped, and password protected.  To view the pay date of a run, access the Payslip Pay Date Screen.
Benefit 3
The e-mailed reports will be saved in the Archived Reports-Link to enable you to obtain the original report.

The Standard Classic Reports Screen:

  1. Scheduled reports are set-up per user profile.
  2. If you close an Open Run manually, the scheduled reports will no longer be e-mailed or saved automatically in the Archived Reports-Link, unless you select the option, send out payslips and reports on pay day, on the Payslip Pay Date Screen.  
  3. Reports that require a date range, cannot be scheduled e.g. the Component Variance Report.

Example: Scheduling Reports

In this example, the Company Level User decides to schedule the Payroll Reconciliation Report for the Acting Department.

Note! Scheduling of Reports is only available from the Standard Classic Reports Menu.

Select the tick box to schedule the report, then name the report and then proceed to select to execute to add the report to your list of scheduled reports.

An extract from the Group Life Report Parameters screen, when the fields to schedule, name and execute the report to schedule the report have been completed. 

Access the Standard Classic Reports screen and select view your list of scheduled reports.

An extract from the Scheduled Reports Screen:

The Archived Reports Screen:

Marking a Report as a Favourite

The Favourite Report Flag on the Standard Classic Reports Menu and the Favourite star on the Standard Reports Menu indicates reports that existing users access most. This feature may help you to quickly determine which reports might be helpful.

On the Standard Reports Menu this can be indicated by the star on the right of the report description:

When the Report have been marked as a favourite the star will appear green as per the below and will appear underneath favourites:

The Favourites Report Menu.

To mark a report as a favourite on the Standard Classic Reports Menu, access the Standard Classic Reports option and select the option to indicate favourites:

Selecting the option to indicate favourites will give you the option to tick the box next to a report to mark it as a favourite, then you can select your favourites and save your changes.

After the Report have been marked as a favourite, you can view it by selecting to view favourites:

Current Report view: View Favourites

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