Bulk Actions | Component Codes

Bulk Actions | Component Codes


Component codes are relevant when selecting the Action Type, Payslips on the Bulk Actions Screen.  Regardless of whether you are applying selections on screen or using a MS Excel template, you can either search for a component description, or by component codes.


This feature is available on all PaySpace editions.

Navigate > Bulk Actions

The Bulk Actions Screen

On the Bulk Actions Screen underneath the Column Heading Component Code or Description the component name will display if no component code has been added:

Adding a Component Code from the Payroll Components Screen

Navigate > Configuration > Payroll Config > Payroll Components 

Select the relevant component and Click to edit the component to insert a component code for the component, for the purposes of this example the Advised Bonus component will be used.

Select to edit the component:

Expand the + extra options.

Advise a component code and click on Update.

Adding a Component Code from the General Ledger Parameters Screen

If a General Ledger Entry has been created, component codes can be added in the chart of accounts.

Navigate > Configuration > Payroll > Payroll Config > General Ledger Parameters

Select to edit the General Ledger:

Access the relevant component on the General Ledger Parameters screen to which you want to add a component code and advise a component code and click on Save.

The Component Code Field on the Payroll Components Screen and the General Ledger Parameters Screen are linked.  Updating it on the one screen will pull it through to the other screen.

Obtaining Component Codes from the Company Component Report

Once the component codes have been added to the payroll, it can be extracted by generating the Company Component Report.

Navigate > Reports > Reports > Standard Classic > Costing

Complete the Company Component Report Parameters and select to retrieve the report:

An extract of the Company Component Report

On the Bulk Actions Screen, the component code will show in brackets along with the component description for Advised Bonus:

The Bulk Actions Screen: Component Code or Description

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