Increases can be applied individually on the Pay Rate Details Screen or collectively using the Bulk Actions-functionality to upload to the Pay Rate Details Screen.  This article will clarify how to apply an individual increase.


This feature is available on all PaySpace editions.

Navigate > Employee > Payroll Processing > Pay Rate Details 

Ensure that the correct employee is selected.

The Location Menu

Applying an Increase

The current pay rate details will reflect on the employees Pay Rate Details Screen.

The Pay Rates Screen before applying the increase

Apply the increase to the Pay Rate Details screen by selecting + Pay Rate and Save your changes, the Package can either be increased by capturing a different amount to the previous amount or by adding a percentage by which the package need to increase.

Once saved, the new Pay Rate Details will reflect.
The Pay Rate Details screen after applying the increase to the employees package.

A record of increases applied can be viewed on the History Grid.

Important Comments

The Pay Rates Report

To extract a listing of the employees’ packages in historical order, print the Pay Rates Report. 

Navigate > Reports > Reports > Standard > Category Heading: Payroll

An example of the Pay Rates Report Parameters Screen:

An example of the Pay Rates Report:
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