How do I create Unpaid Leave to appear on the payslip?

How do I create Unpaid Leave to appear on the payslip?

To access the Leave Scheme Parameters Screen:

Navigate to Config > Human Resources > Leave Administration > Leave Scheme Parameters

Setup a new leave type for Unpaid Leave > Update

Navigate to Config > Payroll > Payroll Components

Click to add a new component

Search for Unpaid Time Auto and click on it

(1) - Once your Unpaid Time Auto component is selected
(2) - Select 'Click here to edit income base to calc days accumulation'

(1) - add the number of lines applicable to your calculation
(2) - Update your Source Type
(3) - Update your Leave Type
(4) - Update your Unpaid Leave 
Click on 'add income base'

You will be directed back to your Component Screen. 
Click on extra options
Click the option 'add component to all employees:' > Update

To check if the component has been setup on employee level for employees attached to the leave scheme with 'Unpaid Leave'
Navigate to Employee > Payroll Processing > Recurring Payroll Components > Notes 

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