How do I capture unpaid leave on the payslip?

How do I capture unpaid leave on the payslip?

Make use of the following steps to configure the Unpaid Time component so that it automatically reflects on the payslip when employees submit an Unpaid Leave leave application.

Step 1: Create the Unpaid Time leave parameter.

      Navigate > Configuration > Human Resources > Leave Administration > Leave Scheme Parameters



Step 2: Create the Unpaid Time Auto component on company level.

      Navigate > Configuration  > Payroll > Payroll Config > Payroll Components

            i) Rename (optional) and link the Unpaid Leave parameter (created in Step 1) to the component's income base on the "Define The Income" window.



            ii) After the income base is defined, you will be directed back to Step 2 - select the Unpaid Leave parameter (created in Step 1) under the "which leave bucket should the leave days affect?".

            iii) expand "extra options" and enable the "add to all employees" option before saving the component.


Step 3: Employees can submit leave applications for Unpaid Time.

      Navigate > Employee > Leave > Application


Step 4: Verify that the component reflects on the employee's payslip as a negative allowance.

      Navigate > Employee > Payroll Process > Edit Payslip > Allowances


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