Classic | Bulk Entries for Multiple Employees

Classic | Bulk Entries for Multiple Employees


Bulk Entries-functionality allows you to capture or import information for more than one employee at a time.

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NextGen or Classic

The Classic version is the name given to the previous look and feel of the system. Important to note, both NextGen and Classic point to the same database. No data migration is therefore applicable. 

This article covers Bulk Entries for Multiple Employees for the Classic version of the system.

An Example of the Classic Landing Page

To access articles that explain the same for the new and improved NextGen version, please select these links:

An Example of the NextGen Landing Page


This feature is available on Lite, Premier and Master.

Option 1: Employee Menu>Post Bulk Entries for Multiple Employees
Option 2: Employee Screen>I want to…>Post Bulk Employee Input


Bulk Entries for Recurring and Once Off Components


Posting Bulk Entries on Screens

Various screens on the system can be selected to process Bulk Entries to. Depending on the selection made, the MS Excel spreadsheet will guide you to complete the information correctly.


Posting Bulk Entries without a MS Excel Spreadsheet

Selecting this option will allow you to process Bulk Entries on screen without using a MS Excel Spreadsheet for recurring and once off components.

Important Comments

The View Bulk Entry History-link and the View Bulk Progress Update-link do not display information of bulk data that was posted without a MS Excel Spreadsheet.
MS Excel Spreadsheet
  1. The MS Excel Sheet will be obtainable from your Downloads Folder. Remember to Enable Editing before completing the sheet.
  2. Once the MS Excel Spreadsheet is uploaded, you will receive an e-mail to notify you of the end results.
  3. When you select to fetch a MS Excel spreadsheet, a blank screen will generate on Google Chrome. This screen needs to be closed before a new MS Excel spreadsheet may be requested.

Bulk Entries for Costing and Multiple Components
There are several factors that influence the Bulk Entries-functionality for Costing and Multiple Components using an MS Excel spreadsheet. Please contact the Support Centre for assistance.

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