Adding a User Profile

Adding a User Profile


User Profiles are used to create and maintain company level users on the payroll. User Profiles are also used to specify which employees a user can access on company and frequency level. When defining a User Profile, the relevant Security Roles can be selected. Security Roles should therefore be created before adding a User Profile.


This feature is available on all PaySpace editions.

Navigate > Config > Security > User Profiles


On the User Profile Screen select the + Option to add a User Profile.

Complete the fields on the User Profile Screen to add the new user.

Note! The fields marked in red and which are marked with an asterisk is compulsory fields.

Link the user to a Security Role.

Link the user to a company and frequency within the company.

Important Comments

Password Requirements
The password must:
  1. Be a minimum of eight characters.
  2. Contain a minimum of one numeric characters.
  3. Contain a minimum of one uppercase character.
  4. Contain a minimum of 1 lowercase character.
  5. Not contain the word “password”.
  6. Not contain space or spaces between characters.
One Security Role in a Company per User Profile
A User Profile should only be linked to one Security Role per company. Since the ESS Role is automatically linked when the employee registers for Employee Self Service, it is not necessary to select the ESS Role on the User Profile Screen for a Company Level User.
Security Company Settings
Navigate > Config > Basic Settings > Company Settings > Company Settings

Select the Category Heading: Security.
  1. Inactive Automatically upon Termination
    A user can be made inactive automatically upon being terminated by selecting a Company Setting:

  2. User Profile with Two Security Roles in Two Different Companies
    Should a User Profile be linked to two Security Roles and two different companies, the Security Role with the least amount of access will apply. A company setting can be selected to apply the security permissions linked to the respective Security Role within each company.

  3. Using the Same E-mail Address and Prioritise User Profile Access
    Should the user want to keep the same e-mail address and prioritise the User Profile access over the ESS Security Role access, the following company setting can be selected: