Adding a New Company

Adding a New Company


The system offers a pre-defined workflow path that guides you through the sequence of adding a new company.

The Add New Company Generic Workflow consists of the following screens:


This feature is available on all PaySpace editions.

Navigate > Config > + Company


An extract of the Configuration Menu:

Company Pre-Registration Screen

You will be need to prepare the required information necessary to add a new company as per the below.
  1. Company registration number
  2. VAT Number
  3. Tax Reference Number
  4. Company Details, i.e. address details etc.
  5. Company Pension / Provident / Medical / Group Life / Disability Options
  6. Company Payroll Components (All of your earnings, deductions, company contributions etc. )
  7. Company Pay Dates and Yearly Calendars
  8. General Ledger Accounts (If you have any)
  9. Company Leave Scheme Rules
  10. Company Banking Details ( In order to debit your account with the PaySpace fees, if relevant)
An extract of the Company Workflow Screen that you will be prompted to complete when adding a new company, after completing the information, select update to continue to the next workflow step.

Note! All fields marked with an asterisk and marked in red is compulsory fields.

Basic Company Information Screen

The Basic Company Information Screen stores the company’s biographical information.

Company as Part of a Group
  1. To add a company as part of a group: Navigate to the Basic Company Information Screen within the group before you add the new company.  
  2. To add a standalone company not as part of a group:  Log out and log back in before adding the new company.  
  3. Be aware of the following options in PaySpace, when adding while in an existing company, to ensure you are adding your company correctly:

Reminder Contact Details Screen

The Reminder Contact Detail Screen stores the company level user’s contact details. This will enable the system to generate e-mails as explained on this screen. Once the company has been added, one navigation option exists to return to the Reminder Contact Details Screen:

Navigate > Config > Basic Settings > Company Settings > Reminder Contact Details

Company Pay Frequency Screen

Frequencies refer to the pay cycles within a company e.g. monthly, bi-weekly or weekly. The Company Pay Frequency Screen stores all the qualifying fields of the frequency to create the Company Payslip Pay Dates.

An extract of the Company Pay Frequencies Screen:

Company Payroll Pay Dates Screen

The Company Payslip Pay Dates are configured when the company is registered on the system or when a new frequency is added. The pay runs can be viewed on the Company Payslip Pay Dates Screen.

An extract of the Company Payslip Pay Dates Screen.

Company Payroll Component Screen

The Company Payroll Components Screen stores a library of payroll actions a company requires on employee level.

An extract of the Company Payroll Components Screen.

Company Banking Details Screen

The account from which the debit order will be recovered needs to be completed by you. By saving the banking details, the you provide authorisation to deduct the monthly service fee via debit order, based on the company’s payslips count.

Navigate > Config > Financial > Banking Details.

An extract of the Company Banking Details Screen:

Registration Successful

Once you reached the Successful Registration Screen, the new company has been created.

Further Considerations

Once the company has been created, address the relevant company parameters listed below. More information regarding these company parameters can be found in the Knowledge Base.
  1. Add Payroll Funds, for example a Pension Fund or a Medical Aid Scheme
  2. Create more Components
  3. Create an Advanced Organisation Structure
  4. Utilise Training, Skills and Qualifications
  5. Create Company Onboarding and Termination Notifications
  6. Create Leave Schemes and Define the Parameters
  7. Set-up of Security Roles and User Profiles
  8. Utilise Manager Self Service
  9. Create Workflow Paths
  10. Create a General Ledger Entry

General Company Settings

Navigate > Config > Basic Settings > Company Settings > Company Settings
  1. Uploading New Employees in Bulk
    Before you can upload new employees in bulk the following setting needs to be activated.

  1. Duplicate ID Numbers Validation Check
    To ensure that you cannot create different Employee Records for the same individual the following validation check can be indicated.

  2. Changing the Default Proration Calculation
    The system prorates the Basic Pay based on the Employment -,Termination - and Suspension Date. You can manipulate how the Basic Pay is prorated by using the following settings.

  3. Restricting a User to Create a Payslip for a Terminated Employee
    To ensure that a payslip is not created for any employee in the period after their termination date, the following setting should be activated.

  4. Searching for Employees from any Company in the Group     
    For users who have access to more than one company, it would make it easier if they are able to each for employees across companies. To activate this functionality, select the following setting.

  5. Reporting to Persons based in Other Companies within the Same Group
    To cater for the case where an employee Directly Reports to Person is based in another company, the following setting needs to be activated. 

Important Comments

Only the user that is adding the company will have access to that company until access is granted to the other users.
Proration of Basic Pay
If no option is selected, the Basic Pay will be divided by the calendar days in the month and multiplied by the calendar days worked.
Option (1) and Option (3) can also work in conjunction: The Basic Pay will be divided by the days entered in option (3) and multiplied by the working days per week specified on the Employee Pay Rate Details Screen.
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