Activating a User

Activating a User


A user can be made active or inactive on the User Profile Screen. User profiles are also automatically made inactive when five incorrect attempts to log onto the system have been captured. The user profile will need to be activated again for them to access the system.


This feature is available on all PaySpace editions.

Navigate > Config > Security > User Profiles


On the User Profiles Screen, select the relevant user.

If the users status is inactive change it to active and save your changes to activate the user.

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      To reactivate a blocked user profile, change the status of the user's security profile from "inactive" to "active". Important! This applies to company- and employee-level users. Navigate > Configuration > Security > Security > User Profiles To edit ...
    • How do I allow company level user access to reactivate inactive (blocked) users profiles?

      To reactivate inactive (blocked) user profiles, the security roles to which company level users are linked, have to be amended so that full access is given to the User Profiles and/or Activate Users screens under the Company menu branch. Navigate > ...
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      To deactivate a company, complete and send the attached form to the Cancellations department at